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What is Java Server Faces (JSF) - Spring integration mechanism?

Spring provides a custom JavaServer Faces VariableResolver implementation that extends the standard JavaServer Faces managed beans mechanism. When asked to resolve a variable name, the following algorithm is performed:
Does a bean with the specified name already exist in some scope (request, session, application)? If so, return it
Is there a standard JavaServer Faces managed bean definition for this variable name? If so, invoke it in the usual way, and return the bean that was created.
Is there configuration information for this variable name in the Spring WebApplicationContext for this application? If so, use it to create and configure an instance, and return that instance to the caller.
If there is no managed bean or Spring definition for this variable name, return null instead.
BeanFactory also takes part in the life cycle of a bean, making calls to custom initialization and destruction methods.
As a result of this algorithm, you can transparently use either JavaServer Faces or Spring facilities to create beans on demand.
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